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Wyndham House

The funds from the 100 Men Who Give A Damn - Guelph were critical to ensuring that youth living within our long term Transitional Programs and  those being supported by our Housing Stability Team  were able stay positively engaged and involved in community activities. Youth who experience homelessness or precarious housing are often marginalized from community connections due to lack of available funds,  limited family supports and often no available access to transportation supports to get to community arts and recreation programs. Keeping at risk youth supported and engaged in the community is vital to ensuring positive outcomes for their futures. Each year Wyndham House supports over 500 youth who are experiencing a housing crisis and have no place to call home.  As a  direct result of these funds, over 65 youth had full, barrier free access to community activities.

The process for the 100 Men who Give A Damn was easy to access and the evening  that we  attended to present  was a fun and engaging process to participate in. 

Kim Evershed

Fundraising and Communications Coordinator



Women in Crisis

We were fortunate to be the first recipient of the 100 Men Who Give a Damn proceeds last year in Guelph receiving an outstanding outpouring of support in the amount of over $13,000. It was and still is an overwhelming gift of generosity from a group of caring men in our community who truly want to improve the city we all call home. Their contributions went towards programming and services for women and children in both Guelph and Wellington County in need of crisis intervention, safety and hope. Thank you 100 Men Who Give a Damn

Justine Morgan

Fundraising and Marketing Coordinator

Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis

(519) 836-1110


Michael House

Being part of the 100 Men Who Give a Damn program was very gratifying.  I was really taken with  generosity and good spirit of the men involved in this project. What an excellent way for community minded men to get together and be able to support a wide variety of charities. To be nominated for the opportunity to speak and then to be chosen to receive the money was a blessing.  It was thrilling for me to call all my staff together in the office the next day and then lay the money on the table .  There was a lot of clapping.  Although I felt like quite a hero, it is The 100 Men who are the heroes.

Beth Harris

Executive Director

Michael House Pregnancy and Parenting Support Services

(519) 766-7675


Guelph Independent Living

Guelph Independent Living was thrilled to receive the call from 100+ Men Who Give a Damn in Guelph asking us to be one of three charities present at their May 2019 meeting.  We were even more excited when our agency was chosen as the winner of over $10,000; reinforcing the value of the agency's support services which assist adults with physical disabilities to live independently in the Guelph community.  These funds have allowed our agency to offer additional recreation and inclusions activities to our clients; both with financial assistance and personal care services needed to attend social events within the local community.  Thank you all who donate.

Janet Redman

Executive Director

Guelph Independent Living

(519) 836-1812


Stonehenge Therapeutic Community

Dear 100+ Men of Guelph:

On behalf of our clients, staff team, Board of Directors and our service delivery partners, I would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude for your generous donation.  It was inspiring to participate in one of your meetings and to see the innovative and accessible was in which you make a true collective impact for the residents of Guelph.  

We are grateful to have had the opportunity to share the important work that Stonehenge is doing and to have witnessed your passion for supporting those in need.  You were such welcoming hosts and your response, both during and after the presentation, reflected a truly compassionate perspective on addiction.  That is an equally big win for our community!  Thank you.  Your donation will have an immediate and lasting impact on our community and its residents.  Over the next few months we look forward to sharing stories of the positive impact your donation has had.  

With graditude, 

Kerry Manthenga

Interim Executive Director

Stonehenge Therapeutic Community

(519) 837-1470 x246

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